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Old Car Festival
Award Winners by year

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2008 Winners / Photos
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2007 Winners with Photos
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2006 Winners with Photos

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2001 Winners with Photos

2000 List of winners

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The judging and awards, we feel, should be secondary in this Festival and are provided for those in the hobby who enjoy this aspect of car shows.
Each entrant will be given a voting sheet, (in the participants packet), which will give them a choice of selecting two vehicles, from each of the categories,
which appear to them to be the most original, authentic, and outstanding in their class. The vehicles with the highest votes in all categories will receive the best original award at the end of the Festival.


PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Highest number of votes chosen by the spectators

BEST OF SHOW: Highest number of votes chosen by the participants

An award is also presented to the vehicle with the highest votes in each class.      

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